Our next meeting is July 11th, 6:00pm at the Shepherd's Center, Rogersville


Nominations and Voting

Nominations begin at our July meeting and end at our September meeting. Voting occurs during our October meeting. 

October may seem far away, but as a club we start accepting nominations for the entire board starting in July. Each position is re-visited every year, and all positions may be held for up to 3 years with the exception of the treasurer. 

Serving in any capacity is highly encouraged by anyone that has been a member in good standing for 1 year or more with Heritage Beekeepers, and is willing to serve. 

All members have the right to nominate. 

What is involved in serving?

  • Attend board meetings 
  • Vote and discuss goals, objectives and priorities that need addressed as they occur
  • Promote the club, honey bees and beekeeping within the community
  • Volunteer time for club projects 
  • Share your knowledge and passion about beekeeping and honey bees with others
  • Lead others by example

There is some other per-requisites required by some positions, but these are general expectations. 

                                             BEE involved! This is your club!

New Projects for 2019



Learning about genetics of our local bees means research, including the local Drone Congregation Areas, or DCA. Dennis Ragosa is looking for volunteers to help start this fascinating theory on the genetics of local bees. Stay tuned!



We are planning our first make and take workshop! Members will be able to register to join the fellowship as we create items together and bring them home. There are several ideas in the works, so come to the next meeting to learn more! 

Volunteers Needed!



With our new location at Amis Mill, yard work has been cut down quite a bit! We have been granted permission to plant an acre of wildflower seeds on the property, which will need tending. As well as the beehives needing maintenance throughout the year. Whether you prefer learning about the bees or planting to help them, you are needed!


Fairs and Festivals Committee

Love to talk bees? Here is your chance! Rhonda Neeley is our Fair Committee chair, and she is looking for volunteers to assist at local fairs!  Here is a great chance to represent the club, help set up/take down with other volunteers! See Rhonda at the next meeting to see how YOU can help!


Meeting Assistance

This once a month help would mean the world to us! We are looking for a few hands to move tables and chairs, set up the projection screen and get the food set up. We arrive to unlock the doors by 5:45, and usually stay after the meeting about only 15 minutes. Could you come a few minutes early or stay a few minutes late? What a difference that would make to us! No commitment needed, just come as often as you can. However- be ready to be very much appreciated! 


Here you will find downloadable PDF formats of important papers related to the club and all it's members.