Our next Meeting is February 13th




Mike Barnett

 Mike is a third year Beekeeper, but has gained the knowledge of a seasoned apiarist.  He loves sharing his knowledge and strives to introduce beekeeping to new individuals ready to learn a new hobby! 




Rhonda Neeley

 Rhonda is a second year beekeeper who loves to be part of Heritage where she can continue to learn and talk about bees with a great group of friends. 




Donna Mickles

Donna has been keeping bees for a few years and enjoys watching them work at her farm in Rogersville along with her goats, horses and ducks. She enjoys the fellowship that her local club provides and is always a smiling face to welcome new members. 


Board Members


Anthony Campbell

Bio needed


Roger Wasilonski 

An avid beekeeper for 12 years, Roger continues to learn and share experiences with new and seasoned beekeepers to appreciate their role in society. 


Dennis Ragosa


Dennis started keeping bees shortly after starting farming with water buffalo. He has learned alot from his cousin, a commercial beekeeper.   He is very passionate about the bees. In the future, he intends to raising his own bees and begin queen breeding.



We meet on the second Thursday of each month at the Shepherd's Center- 306 East Main Street, Rogersville. 

Doors open at 6pm for fellowship, with the meeting starting at 6:30. 

Pot Luck Family style Dinner

Each month during our meetings we encourage everyone to bring a dish to share, as we break bread together. If anyone cannot bring a dish, we humbly ask for a donation to cover expenses. 


A prime highlight of each meeting is our speakers. We host experienced local speakers that bring relevant information to talk about.From equipment, pest management, extracting, new ideas and research, and more. 


Another huge benefit to the meetings is of course, fellowship. Come meet your neighbors, friends and fellow beekeepers. We enjoy having our children with us at the meetings, and they are always welcome to come as well. 


We have dozens of books, magazines, DVDs and catalogs that are free for members to borrow each month. Each year we add to our collection from suggestions from the club and donations from several organizations.