Our next Meeting is February 13th


Honey bees on an orientation flight

Registering your hives

This is a legal requirement for all TN beekeepers. Your information is kept private, and it protects you and your bees in so many ways. It is also FREE to do! 

*You may also get a form at any meeting. Please see front desk. 

Tennessee Beekeepers Association

Being a member of Heritage includes membership to the TBA. They host an annual conference every October that is an educational paramount to all things honey bee in TN. 

Local Inspectors

Looking to sell your bees or queens? Or have questions or concerns about your colonies? We have lots of inspectors that will gladly come out an help give you a second look into your hives and provide you with a clean bill of health. This service is FREE. 

Bee Informed Partnership

This national nonprofit works hard to determine the causes behind honey bee issues and viable solutions. We work hand in hand with them to help in any way possible. They collect data from all over the US, and are an invaluable resource. 

Pollinator Stewardship Council

We are proudly members of this national nonprofit that not only aligns with our beliefs, but supports beekeeping clubs everywhere. 

Flow Hive

We have been truly blessed in 2017. We won a national grant to receive a Flow Hive. We are very excited about the opportunity to learn about this different way to keep bees and harvest honey.